About Vikram Pathak

Having carved out a niche of his own in high fashion and advertising, VIKRAM’s style of photography is both instantaneous & deeply engaging, thereby ensuring that his visual captures are just what one desires. With his highly infectious energy and persona, he excels at creating a collaborative space, making him a greatly sought-after technician all across the globe.  He has been instrumental in essaying numerous visually stunning editorials and commercial campaigns, right from the super edgy to classic fashion shoots both on location or inside the confines of a studio .

 His specializations are: Fashion & Lifestyle Photography, Advertising Photography and Celebrity Photography.

With his heart set in NYC and soul hovering in Mumbai, Vikram has pursued his passion for photography for more than two decades. The photographic medium has taken him to cities far and wide all over the world. His work cleverly eludes all attempts to fit into a single tick-box, standing testament to the brilliance of a vision gained from a varied range of visual experiences. 

Having worked and learnt from world renowned artists such as David Lachapelle, Steven Meisel, Albert Watson and Patrick de Marcheiler in the course of his photographic sojourn at New York & Los Angeles, Vikram is undoubtedly a master craftsman who is able to communicate through his medium. He wisely uses the craft to transport viewers into a world that affects them emotionally and places them right at the centre of action with his subjects, Vikram zeroes in on the constant drama being played out around his subjects. The minute detailing of their interaction with the environment is what arrests your attention and forces you to take note of his work. This unique visual touch is what keeps him a league apart in the outrageously loud world of Fashion & Advertising Photography.